We are a diverse and intercultural community of Jesus followers doing our best to connect deeply with God, intentionally with each other and compassionately with the world around us.

At First Mennonite Church, we worship together, serve together and grow together across the boundaries of language and culture. We believe that God calls us to be a people of healing and hope for all nations, rooted in relationship with God, strengthened by connection with each other and empowered to reach out to the world around us.  

In the language of our vision statement, this means that we do our best to:

We don’t always succeed at these things. In fact, we don’t always realize the extent of what this implies. But if we stumble, as we try to follow Jesus, we stumble together, as a body of diverse individuals called together into God’s family.

As members of Mennonite Church Canada we find guidance in the Confession of Faith in a Mennonite Perspective.