At FMC, we are passionate about welcoming and supporting newcomers to Canada. We know that settling in a new country comes with many challenges. Many members of our church family have come as immigrants and refugees, and have faced those challenges first-hand.

In partnership with Mennonite Central Committee, we have been sponsoring refugees from all over the world since 1979, regularly participating in the Canadian government’s sponsorship program.*

Members of FMC were instrumental in the beginning of Mennonite Coalition for Refugee Support, an organization that supports refugee claimants who arrive in Canada with no sponsors, and often very little to no support networks.

Our building is also home to two new congregations from Eritrea and Myanmar. The people who are part of these congregations have also come to Canada as refugees.

*The FMC office regularly receives calls from members of the Kitchener community, inquiring about support for sponsoring family members and friends overseas. Please be informed that we rely on Mennonite Central Committee to refer refugee cases to us. We regret that we are unable to take on sponsorship cases referred to us from the general public.