Youth & Children’s Ministries

Junior Youth (grades 6-8)

Our enthusiastic Junior Youth look forward to a yearly Break Away Day in early November, hosted at Rockway Mennonite Collegiate and the Spring weekend retreat at Silver Lake Mennonite Camp.

Highschool Youth

LOGOS (mid-week)


The LOGOS program is designed to fully integrate youth (Gr 9-12), into the life of Christian commitment and community. It provides a structure that helps them “catch faith” in Jesus Christ through Bible teaching and forming significant relationships with their peers and Christian adults. It integrates both faith and practice. For more information email or phone the church office (519) 744-6574. For more information on the LOGOS curriculum, visit

Fall 2016 LOGOS – Thursday, September  17 – December 11,  from 5:30 to 7:45 pm. This year we will be using online registration, follow this link: registration-form-2016_2017. Please register as soon as possible.

RecreationRecreation Time

Time to play in a positive and cooperative way.

Family TimeFamily Time

A meal together as a community of faith

Worship TimeBible & Worship Time

Time to create materials in art, drama and music to contribute to the Sunday morning worship and individual spiritual growth.


Adults helping with many aspects of the program is critical to its success.

Fees: $60 for the Fall term to cover our meal and supply cost.
Volunteer Commitments: Each household provides an adult volunteer every other week to help with the program. Some parents and other congregation member serve as weekly leaders.
Guests: Your child is very welcome to bring guests to Logos. We ask that a $3.00 contribution be made to cover the costs of any adult volunteer’s or guest’s dinner.

Friday night Youth Events
lead by the Youth Council + Sponsors

Whenever possible these events will happen on the 3rd Friday night of the month.
2016 – 2017
October 21  – Mini Golf at Max’ sports world. Led by Ben Ma & Rachel + Andrea
November 18 – Bring a rake, some snacks and get ready to Rake & Run. Led by Nathan & Lauren + Peter
December 16 – Vacation!!!  10 pin Bowling led by Katie & Lauren + Noramy.
Sponsors are working on a Christmas party – when and where to be decided.
January 20 
– We pause to focus on exams.
February 3 -5 – Winter Youth Retreat at Silver Lake Mennonite Camp.  Last chance to register, December 19.  Speak to Nancy.
February 17, 7 – 9 pm – Gym night at Rockway Collegiate.  Led by Ben & Nathan + Juan OR
OR  Tubing @ Chicopee led by Rachel & Katie  + Amelia
March ____- A night at Adventure Escape rooms led by Emma & Daniel+ Bethany
April ____ – pitching in at St. John’s kitchen led by  Emma & Nyapiny  + Noramy
May 19 -22  Camping at Pitch & Praise  Sponsor led.
June 16 –  maybe a
Bonfire/ a lock-in/ or a campout.   What do think?

Youth Council was chosen and plan created:  September 23 at lock in;  adjustments October 2016

Youth Faith Formation

Sunday mornings 9:30 – 10:30 am  Studies in the book of Romans, led by Amelia Baker.  Sometimes we take a break and join with Adult agenda; other times we get hands on with Messy Church.

Faith exploration opportunity to consider baptism will be led by Pastor Nancy in the winter, at a time that works for all of us.


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