Faith Formation for All Ages

Life-Long Learning

At FMC, we believe that an individual’s commitment to become a disciple of Jesus, is also a commitment to a life-long journey of growing and maturing in faith.

Our Faith Formation classes, offered at 9:30 on Sunday mornings from the second Sunday of September to the end of May, are for all ages.

Adult Class

Our main Adult Faith Formation class meets in the West Hall, in the church basement.

Contact the church office for the most current information about these offerings.

Youth Class

On Sunday mornings, you’ll find our youth gathering on the comfy couches in the youth room with our Youth Worker, Noramy Gonzalia, and other adult sponsors, pastors and teachers, who share the teaching responsibilities.  Connect with Pastor Nancy for more information about what’s happening in Youth Faith Formation.

Children/Junior Youth Faith Formation becomes Inter-generational!

This year, Christian Formation Ministry will be trying a new faith formation class loosely based upon the “Messy Church” model, a multi-sensory, inter-generational, experiential-based approach to spirituality, worship and the Bible. Adult and youth classes will continue to run as usual. “Messy Church” will include children from ages 0-grade 8, their parents (parents will also have the option to attend adult faith formation while their children are watched over by others), and other individuals of many ages and stages, gathering in the East Hall. We hope this will be an opportunity to move beyond the segmentation of age cohorts and to embrace the opportunity for young people to establish deep connections with a variety of adults within the congregation, and for adults of all ages to embrace the role of engaging and nurturing our young people. This class is open to all to attend: come and join us in learning and living our faith out together! Contact Pastor Christina for more information.

Este año, el Ministerio De Formación Cristiana implementara una nueva clase de formación de fe, basada en el modelo de “Messy Church” el cual es un multi-sensorial e intergeneracional enfoque basado en la experiencia de la espiritualidad, el culto y la Biblia. Las clases de adultos y jóvenes seguirán funcionando como de costumbre. “Messy Church” incluirá los niños entre las edades de grado 0 a grado 8 y sus padres/madres (aun que ellos tambien tendrán la opción de asistir a las clases de adultos), pero está abierta para todos: ven y únete a nosotros en el aprendizaje y vivencia de nuestra fe juntos! Esperamos que esta sea una oportunidad para ir más allá de la segmentación de los grupos en edades y abrazar la oportunidad para que los jóvenes establezcan conexiones profundas con una variedad de adultos dentro de la congregación, y para que los adultos adopten el papel de involucrar y cultivar la fe en nuestros jóvenes. Nos reuniremos en el Salón Este los domingos a las 9:30 AM, antes del culto. Christina Edmiston 


The sanctuary balcony is a large nursery for the little ones, and is a comfortable, enclosed, and sound-proof space, from which parents and caregivers can see, hear and participate in our worship services. Nursery staff is provided during our September-May worship services.

Contact the church office if you would like to be connected to the people responsible for nursery care.

Church Library

A wide variety of books and periodicals are available for people of all ages with selection for preschoolers, children, teens and adults. Many titles are available in Spanish. The library is always open on Sundays mornings.

Contact the church office if you would like to connect with our church librarian.


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