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May 11 Discussion: BFC 5 Report Back

May 11: “Sing a New Song” Class (Learning new Songs for Worship) with Christina

Song List here: Song List Sunday School

Sheet music here: SingaNewSong.11May2014

May 4: The Shape of Church to Come?

April 27: Blog Post from Spacious Faith

April 14: Troy Watson Rachel Bergen Church Attendance

April 6: Isaac Villegas: Crucified Saviour and Questionable Friends

March 26: BFC February-March 2014 final summary

Resources for Doctor-Assisted Death Discussion Class with Nan Cressman:

March 23rd: Reflecting on end-of-life issues for ourselves

Starting with faith: What are some of the Scriptures that provide a framework for your thinking about the end of earthly life? What are some of the stories, teachings, and faith/life experiences that have shaped your understanding of death?

What makes for a “good” death? What are the components of the kind of death you would hope for, for yourself?

Difficult choices: with the medicalization of death and dying, we have the option of sustaining the life of the body almost indefinitely. How do you decide when to utilize these options and when not? Where would you draw the line in terms of life support for yourself?

March 30th: Reflecting on end-of-life issues for others/as a society

What principles are important to bear in mind as we care for the dying?

Physician-assisted suicide: we’ll discuss video clips speaking for and against it. 70% of Canadians support physician-assisted suicide, and the Supreme Court of Canada plans to revisit its 1993 ban on assisted suicide soon. How might we as people of faith respond? As preparation, you may wish to read this recent article:

Canadian Mennonite, Vol. 18, No. 5 (March 3, 2014): Other faiths speak out on end of life issues.

Articles for Current Issues Discussion Class with Keith Regehr:


March 16:  Excerpts from Geez Magazine Regarding Disabilities

March 16:  BFC February-March 2014 03

March 2: Peter Haresnape, “Aboriginal Justice: Covenant, not Surrender: the Church has a Role in Treaties

February 23: Being a Faithful Church, Part 5, BFC Chapter 4

February 16: Being a Faithful Church, Part 5,  BFC Chapters 2 & 3 & Appendix

February 9: Being a Faithful Church, Part 5, Chapter 1: BFC5 Chapter 1

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