Nancy Brubaker, Lead Pastor

First Mennonite Church welcomes young and old on the Jesus’ way, including those who speak many languages, those were born Mennonite and those who found their way here over the course of life’s journey, and those who are still searching. We seek to tune ourselves to the Spirit of God at work in our world, through worship, study, caring for one another and being the hands & feet of Christ wherever the opportunity presents itself. We hope you will join in the journey with us.

Rene BaergenRene Baergen, Pastor of Hispanic Ministries

Dios nos llama a ser seguidores de Jesucristo y, por el poder del Espíritu Santo, a crecer como una comunidad de gracia, gozo y paz, para que la sanidad y la esperanza de Dios fluyan a través de nosotros al mundo.

Rene has been walking with the Hispanic community at FMC since 2011. He strives to wrestle with the Biblical witness in his teaching and preaching in ways that are alert to the complexities of Scripture and life-giving to the people of God. He recently completed a PhD in Biblical Studies (Emmanuel College, University of Toronto) and has taught in seminaries in Toronto, Lima and Montevideo, Uruguay. But he treasures most the opportunity to gather around the Bible as a multi-voiced and many-cultured people to witness to the boundary-breaking love of our God.

¡Por favor, sean muy bienvenidos! ¡Y que Dios les bendiga!

christinaChristina Edmiston, Pastor

Christina is on maternity leave until May 2018

Christina joined the FMC family in September 2012. She ministers primarily in the areas of worship, music and Christian Formation (including Youth Formation). Her passion is to lead and challenge people of all ages to dive deeper into loving and intimate relationship with God, so that they may be empowered to be “Christ’s hands and feet” to those in need.

Christina comes with a background in law. She volunteers weekly at the Mennonite Coalition for Refugee Support. This ministry helps her remain connected to international issues, and to the difficult realities of people who have been torn from their homes.

Christina keeps a blog to help resource those involved in worship & music at FMC:

noramyNoramy Gonzalia Diaz, Youth Worker

Being a pastors child has meant that church has always been part of my life. Having lived in three different countries over my life time has meant that the church goes above and beyond being a community I share my Sunday mornings with. The First Mennonite Church community has been my family for the last 16 years, and I am three years into my role as Youth. The position brings me great love and joy for the youth I work with. I strive to show the youth the many ways in which we can experience God in our lives and all the great and wonderful things He has in store for us. I remind myself to learn from the youth as much as I teach them if not more. I cherish the support I have received from not just the youth but the entire congregation. My work with the youth has encouraged me to pursue an education in youth ministries as well as finishing my degree in concurrent education.

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