This Weekend ` March 16-17

Greetings All! ¡Saludos a todos!
Do join us this second week of Lent as we find shelter in God’s presence.
Esperamos contar con su presencia este fin de semana, al entrar al abrigo de Dios.

Sábado @ 6:00 pm
Nos reunimos este sábado en la iglesia a la hora normal (a las 6:00 pm) para profundizar en el llamado de la Cuaresma, según Mateo 14,22-33.
“Sígueme,” dice Jesús. ¿Cómo responderemos nosotros?
¡Bienvenidos todos!

9:30 Faith Formation
Messy Church (for all ages) meets in the East Hall
Youth & Adults meet in the West Hall to conclude the series on the Holy Spirit with a study of key biblical passages. Come prepared to actively participate!
In the Youth Room: If what you need this season is a space to pray… Bibles, prayer and devotional materials, and colouring sheets and supplies will all be available in the youth room for self-directed prayer. There are comfortable couches too for ‘spiritual napping’ and rest, and several silent, interactive prayer stations will be available to aid in your reflection.

10:45 Worship—Shelter is a basic human need. As such, it’s often used in Scripture as a metaphor for God’s care. So why do we spend so much energy constructing shelters that interfere or distract us from a closer relationship with God? Nancy Brubaker preaching.

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