This Weekend ~ October 27-28

Greetings All! ¡Saludos todos y todas!

Do join us this weekend as we return to what feels like a more normal rhythm. On Saturday Noramy Gonzalia Diaz shares about her experience this summer in Kenya. And on Sunday we welcome Rebecca Riek and Rebecca Yoder Neufeld to preach on the power of prayer.
Esperamos contar con su presencia este fin de semana: el sábado escuchamos de Noramy Gonzalia Diaz y el domingo de Rebecca Riek y Rebecca Yoder Neufeld sobre el poder de la oración. ¡Bienvenidos todos!

This Saturday at 7:00 pm — Noramy Gonzalia Diaz shares pictures and stories (and desserts) from her time at Camp Marafiki Pamoja-Camp Friends United in Nairobi, Kenya.
Este sábado a las 7:00 Noramy estará compartiendo historias y fotos de su viaje a la Kenya.
¡Todos estamos bienvenidos! All are welcome!

9:30 Faith Formation for all ages
Messy Church
Adults, youth and children resume their exploration of the Exodus together!  Not sure where you fit? You are welcome here!
Adults: Revelation: Fevered Nightmare or Word of Hope?
For four Sundays, Oct 28-Nov 18, we’ll be discussion the puzzling, disturbing and very fascinating last book of the Bible, known both as Revelation and as the Apocalypse of John. The best way to prepare is for you to read the book, and then to bring your questions, insights and perspectives! Tom Yoder Neufeld leading.
Youth Plus: Why Jesus?
In a world that offers so many spiritual options and offerings, it can be challenging to say ‘yes’ to the invitation to come to know God through Jesus. For four Sundays, Oct 28, Nov 4, 18 & 25, we’ll engage the question of Jesus by hearing and engaging the faith stories of those in our midst. This class is hosted in the youth room, but open to everyone. Scott Albrecht & Christina Edmiston facilitating.  

10:45    Worship – Prayer is a relationship of trust and dependence on God, a powerful way of ministering to the many needs around us, and a way of holding each other before God’s invitation to love.  Jesus modelled this kind of prayer and invites and challenges us to follow his example. Rebecca Riek and Rebecca Yoder Neufeld preaching.

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