This Weekend ~ October 20-21, 2018

Greetings All! ¡Saludos todos y todas!

This weekend we explore the third and final dimension of discipleship: the call to connect with the world around us. Where do you sense this nudging, to step OUT? We hope you’ll join our conversation! For more background on the three dimension of discipleship (UP, IN & OUT), check out this video or see the attached Relearning Community background document.
Este fin de semana profundizamos en la tercera y última dimensión del discipulado—el llamado de conectarnos con el mundo a nuestro alrededor. ¿Dónde percibes tú este llamado? Esperamos escuchar de tu experiencia. Por más información sobre las tres dimensiones del discipulado (ARRIBA, ADENTRO & AFUERA), véase este video o la descripción (adjunto) del llamado ‘ReLearning Community’ adjunto.

Este sábado, 20 de octubre, tenemos culto en español @ 6:00.
¿Cómo conversan entre ellos el ‘gran mandato’ (Mt 22,34-40) y la ‘gran comisión’ (Mt 28,19-20)?
Esperamos contar con su presencia al profundizarnos en el llamado del discipulado.

9:30    Faith Formation: Adults, Youth and Children… This morning will be a little different!

Where do you sense God nudging you to step OUT?
One more time… on the third dimension of discipleship… we’d like to hear and learn from each other:
There will be a space to do this in guided conversation.
There will be a space to do this with art and lego.
There will be a space to do this in silence, including with your feet on the labyrinth.
What does it look like for you to connect with the world around you? We hope you’ll let us know.

10:45     Worship – If discipleship flows from the unconditional embrace of God’s love, to find first expression in the faith community, it issues in an invitation to engage with the neighbour. What has that looked like for you? What could stepping OUT into the world, in the midst of your everyday reality, look like today? We hope you’ll join us on Sunday for the last conversation in our series on discipleship. Rene Baergen and Nan Cressman facilitating.

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