This Weekend ~ September 29-30, 2018

Greetings All! ¡Saludos todos y todas!

Listen UP Escucha al Espiritu

This Sunday we dig into the first dimension of discipleship: our connection with God. What does this look like for you? We hope you’ll join us.
Este domingo vamos a profundizar en la primera dimensión del discipulado–nuestra conección con Dios. ¿Que significa para ti conectarse con Dios? ¡Les esperamos!

No hay culto en español esta semana.
Volvemos a reunirnos de nuevo para adoración en español los sábados 6 y 20 de octubre.
El 13 de octubre nos reunimos @ 5:00 con hermanos y hermanas recién llegados a Canadá para el culto y potluck multicultural anual. Este año se llevará a cabo aquí en la PIM!
Apartemos estas fechas para profundizar nuestra espiritualidad y nutrir nuestra comunidad.

9:30Adults, Youth and Children (aka EVERYBODY!)… This morning will be a little different!
We’d like to hear and learn from each other this morning: What nourishes your relationship with God?
There will be a space to do this in guided conversation.
There will be a space to do this with art and lego. (Yes, you can even get messy!)
There will be a space to do this in silence.
What does it look like for you to connect with God? We hope you’ll let us know.

10:45— Worship… If discipleship after the example of Jesus is lived in three dimensions, it starts in the unconditional embrace of God’s love. Where do you experience this embrace? What nourishes your relationship with God? What does listening UP look like in your life? We hope you’ll join us on Sunday. We think the Spirit has something special in store. Nan Cressman facilitating.

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