This Weekend ~ August 18-19

Greetings All! Saludos!  Please join us this Sunday at 10:00 am for the next in our series of seven deadly sins… and life-giving virtues! Les esperamos este fin de semana al continuar nuestro enfoque sobre los siete pecados capitales y los siete virtudes asociados.

Este sábado, 18 de agosto, nos reunimos en la iglesia a las 6:00 pm para continuar con nuestra lectura de Samuel.
La semana entrante, el 25 de agosto, nos reunimos en la casa de Jorge y Pilar.
¡Aprovechemos de estas oportunidades!

10:00 AM  Notwithstanding what passes as normal in the society around us, (see, most of us would agree that greed is not good. Some have gone so far as to call greed the root of all evil. (That’s Geoffrey Chaucer.) So what’s the ‘beauty’ behind the ‘brokenness’ of greed? Rene Baergen preaching.

Be alert to summer time changes:  
THROUGHOUT AUGUST: Worship at FMC starts at 10:00 am
      Exceptions on holiday weekends!
            September 2, 10 am. We worship at Pioneer Park Mennonite Church
            September 9: Faith Formation FINGERFOOD POTLUCK @ 9:30; Worship @ 10:45.

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