This weekend ~ July 28-29

Greetings FMC family. ¡Saludos a todos!  Do join us this weekend as we continue our attempt to uncover seven lively virtues from the seven deadly sins. We hope you’ll join us! Este domingo continuamos el intento de descubrir siete virtudes vivientes de los siete pecados capitales. ¡Esperamos contar con su presencia!

El llamado de Samuel (1 Samuel 3) nos ofrece dos preguntas:
¿Dónde te está llamando Dios? Y: ¿Como vas a responder?
Este sábado, 28 de julio, les esperamos en la iglesia a las 6:00 para profundizar en este relato.

10:00 amIn the last few weeks, we’ve uncovered contentment behind sloth, sacrificial love behind lust, and righteous indignation behind anger. This week we come to pride. What’s the lively virtue behind pride? Christina Edmiston preaching.

Be alert to summer time changes:
THROUGHOUT JULY AND AUGUST: Worship starts at 10:00 am   

      Exceptions on holiday weekends!

August 5, 9:45 am. We worship at Stirling Ave Mennonite Church.
September 2, 10 am. We worship at Pioneer Park Mennonite Church

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