This Weekend ~ April 28-29

Greetings FMC family. ¡Saludos a todos!  Join us this Sunday as we celebrate God’s work in and through us in 2017 at our Annual General meeting. Les esperamos este domingo, para la Asamblea General de la iglesia, al celebrar la obra del Señor en y por medio de nosotros durante el año 2017.

Sábado/Saturday @ 6:00 pm
No hay culto este sábado.
¡Le esperamos para la asamblea anual y almuerzo estilo potluck este domingo!
En mayo nos reunimos el 5 y el 12.
¡Que Dios nos sigue guiando al entrar en este ritmo nuevo!

9:30-10:30 am – Faith Formation classes
Adults Sacred Trust, fostering safe space in congregations.  Last session to unpack the topic of sexual abuse within the church. What is the long term impact?  What can we do to be responsive and responsible?
Youth — Healthy Sexuality series, shared jointly with Rockway Mennonite Church youth and leaders, and Scott Albrecht, meeting at FMC.
Messy Church — ages 0-100, hands on, intergenerational learning & connections with God & each other.

10:45 am – Annual General meeting begins in the context of worship / La Asamblea Anual comienza con alabanza:  Jesus’ advice heard last Sunday in John 21 invites his followers to cast their nets ‘on the other side.’ Ministry representatives share God’s call to cast our nets in this past year. El consejo de Jesús es de tirar nuestras redes ‘al otro lado.’ Esta mañana escuchemos ejemplos al respecto del año pasado.

Lunch for all / Almuerzo para todos – Soup & Bread Potluck –  If your last name begins with K-Z please bring a large pot/crockpot of soup to share, and if your last name begins with A-J please bring a large amount of bread/buns to share.  We want to have enough to generously share with visitors, and people who won’t be able to contribute. Butter, apples and tea/coffee will be provided, but please bring your own eating and serving dishes. This is a good time to catch up with a good friend, and it is also a good time to strengthen new relationships over lunch.
Si su apellido comienza con K-Z, favor de traer una olla grande de sopa; si su apellido comienza con A-J, favor de traer un gran cantidad de pan. Queremos tener suficiente para compartir generosamente. Se proveerá mantequilla, manzanas y té/café, pero se nos invita traer nuestros propios platos, cubiertos, etc. Tomemos esta oportunidad para fortalecer nuestras amistades, tanto viejas como tambien nuevas amistades.

1:00 pm – Decision-making segment of the Annual General meeting continues in the West Hall.   Childcare provided in the East Hall. La Asamblea Anual continua después del almuerzo.

Annual Report books as well as the Auditors’ Financial Report are available for pickup on the Information table.

Favor de encontrar, en la mesa de información en el North Foyer, el reporte anual y también el reporte de auditoría.

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