This Weekend ~ March 24-25

Greetings FMC family. ¡Saludos a todos!
As we near the end of the season of Lent we tune our hearts and minds for the experience of trusting God’s project within and around us, a practice that can both “lighten” our load as well as call us to take up our cross and follow. Details on the attached flyer.
Al aproximarnos a la Semana Santa, se nos invita sintonizarnos con lo que Dios está haciendo entre nosotros. En estas semanas, les invitamos a tomar una postura de ‘confianza radical’ en ese proyecto de Dios. Más detalles en la hoja adjunta.

Friday, 7 – 9:30 pm Youth gym night, along with Rockway Mennonite Church youth and other friends, at Rockway Mennonite Collegiate. Hosted by Katie & Sue Martin.

Sábado/Saturday @ 6:00 pm
Nos reunimos para orar juntos con los hermanos y hermanas de habla inglés, pidiendo que
Dios dirija nuestro camino. ¡Bienvenidos todos!
Join us for a time of simple prayer in Spanish and English, happening every Saturday evening during March, as we seek to lighten life’s load. All are very welcome!

9:30-10:30 am – Faith Formation classes

  • Adult class – The story of the Bible led by Tom Yoder Neufeld: how the Bible came about and developed into the global phenomenon it is today.
  • Youth class – leading Messy church.
  • Messy Church for ages, 0-100 in the East Hall.

10:45 am – Worship. The one who is initially celebrated as conquering king and messianic hero is finally–but only after the cross–recognized publicly as Son of God. This is the Son of God who invites us to let go of those things that stand in the way of following. This Sunday, at the start of Holy Week, we invite you to listen again to the story from Mark 14:1 to 15:39.
El que inicialmente es celebrado como rey conquistador y héroe mesiánico, finalmente es reconocido públicamente como Hijo de Dios — pero solo después de la cruz. Este es el Hijo de Dios que nos invita a dejar atrás esas cosas que se interponen en el camino del discipulado. Al comenzar la Semana Santa, este domingo, les invitamos a escuchar de nuevo la historia de Marcos 14,1-15,39.

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