This Weekend ~ February 17-18

Greetings FMC family. ¡Saludos a todos!

We enter the season Lent — a period of 40 days, plus Sundays, that carries us to Easter Sunday. It is a time for Christians of all stripes to prepare minds and hearts for Easter. Join us in this Lenten time as we listen for God’s invitation to a radical trust in God’s project within and around us, that can “lighten” our load.
Este fin de semana entramos en la temporada de la Cuaresma–el período de 40 días en el calendario cristiano que culmina con la Semana Santa, que nos ofrece la oportunidad de sintonizarnos con lo que Dios está haciendo entre nosotros. En estas semanas, les invitamos a tomar una postura de ‘confianza radical’ en ese proyecto de Dios.

Fin de semana largo: Este sábado no hay culto en español. ¡Esperamos contar con su presencia el domingo! La semana entrante, el 24 de feb, nos reunimos de nuevo en la casa de Cesar y Lorenza.

9:30-10:30 am – Faith Formation classes

  • Adult class – Kathy Bergen, long time worker in Israel/Palestine with Mennonite Central Committee, joins us for the last time, to deepen our understanding of the complex Palestinian-Israeli issues.
  • Youth class – Rog Kehl teaching.
  • Messy Church for ages, 0-100 in the East Hall.

10:45 amIn Mark’s Gospel Jesus models “letting go,” from beginning, when he leaves behind the opportunity to ‘found’ a ministry in Capernaum, to end, when he prays ‘thy will be done.’ This is the Lenten journey. Can we “let go” and trust in God’s will for us?

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