This Weekend ~ October 21-22

Greetings FMC family. ¡Saludos a todos!

Este sábado nos reunimos @ 4:30 en la Primera Iglesia Menonita Hmong (93 Doon Rd) para el culto multicultural anual con nuestros hermanos y hermanas anabautistas de Kitchener Waterloo, seguido por una comida estilo potluck. ¡Este año nos han pedido colaborar con el Grano de Mostaza entonces esperamos contar con el apoyo y la presencia de todos! No habrá culto en el templo.
All are invited to a multicultural service and potluck this Saturday, beginning at 4:30, at First Hmong Mennonite Church (93 Doon Rd.). Come to experience worship in a multitude of languages. Stay to get to know your brothers and sisters of many cultures!

9:30 am – We’re not just called to be “on mission” as individuals, but as households of faith. During Adult Faith Formation we will explore the “household” as the centre of the ” out” dimension of our life in community. Leader: Nan Cressman
Messy Church – 0-100 year olds, gather in the East Hall for a multi-sensory, intergenerational, experiential-based approach to spirituality, worship and the Bible, open to all, and especially geared to children.
Youth Class – grades 8–12+ in the youth room, getting ready for worship participation.
10:45 amIn Mark’s gospel, Jesus’ call to discipleship very often leads (us) home, to live there differently, in the knowledge of what God has done and continues to do. What would it look like for us to go home in this knowledge this morning? How might our homes become vehicles of mission?
After the service Chili & Bread Potluck: Concluding our Relearning Discipleship series, we gather for a simple lunch and sharing/prayer time around tables. Please bring bread/buns to feed 15-20 people if your last name begins with A-J, and bring a pot of chili to feed 15-20 people if your last name begins with K-Z. No nuts please. Please bring your own dishes. Butter and apples will be provided.
Al finalizar nuestro tema “re-aprendiendo el discipulado” nos reunimos para compartir un almuerzo sencillo y un momento de oración alrededor de la mesa. Si su apellido empieza con A-J, por favor traiga pan para 15-20 personas, o una olla de sopa “chili” para 15-20 personas si su apellido empieza con K-Z. Favor de traer sus propios platos.
This lunch is meant to replicate the “Home Groups” with which we’ve been experimenting. You can expect to hear more about them at lunch. Sign up at the information board in the North Foyer to express your interest in joining a home group or let Rene know.

2:00 pm Youth and young adults. – Heading out for a hike after lunch. Youth must have signed parent permission; forms available digitally via Noramy, church office, or hard copies on the Information table in the North Foyer.

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