Thinking some more about Eternity

EternitySometimes Sunday mornings aren’t long enough for all the conversations we could be having around death and dying. Below are some links with further information about some of the things we’ve been talking about. You are welcome to leave a comment in at the end of this post.

Two episodes from White Coat Black Art, CBC’s medical program: First, one on what sometimes happens in hospitals when people with no chance of recovery have heart failure. This was today’s episode and I heard it in the car. Fascinating exploration of ethics when medical staff see there is really no reason to do CPR–death is around the corner and only pain will result–but family want ACTION NOW.

The second on the real odds of full recovery after CPR:

Don’t know how to start the conversation with your loved ones about end of life issues? Here’s a website that has practical suggestions:

Here is Rob Bell with a short video about hell, Love Wins:

Interested in a greener funeral? Here’s a website that can help you think about how you can make it happen:

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