Summer Scripture Reading Challenge – Updated!

hebrewsThis summer’s preaching team challenges you to join them in reading the Letter to the Hebrews during the summer months, as our worship series on Hebrews progresses.
Below is an updated list of reading challenges to take us through until the end of August.
Date(s) Topic Reading Challenge 
July 6 Introduction to the Letter to the Hebrews(Tom Yoder Neufeld)  Read the whole Letter to the Hebrews. Don’t get stuck on the “details” of particular verses: read for the “big picture”. As you read, look for: 

  • all of the different names/roles/functions assigned to Jesus
  • all of the ways the writer of Hebrews describes the church. What images or themes does the writer use to help us understand ourselves?


 Write these things down, and bring them to worship with you!

July 13 “But we do see Jesus”(Christina Edmiston)
July 20 “The wandering people of God”  (Nancy Brubaker)
July 27 “From milk to solid food; maturing as believers” (Nancy Brubaker) Read Hebrews, chapter 5:11 – chapter 6:2. Consider: Are you actively making efforts to mature in your faith? What does that look like in your everyday life?


August 3 “The Church as the people of the New Covenant” (Christina Edmiston) Read: Hebrews, chapter 8 and Jeremiah 31: 31-34. 
August 10 “How do we live in light of having a priest such as Jesus?” (Sara Erb) Read: Hebrews, chapter 10
August 17 “The Cloud of Witnesses” (Tom Yoder Neufeld)  Read: Hebrews, chapter 11
August 24 “Pursue peace with everyone” (Peter & Cath Woolner) Read: Hebrews, chapters 12 and 13
August 31 Labour Day Weekend – Worship at Stirling Ave. Mennonite – Church Camping Trip to Algonquin
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